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DEEP Approach

Deep Approach 

DEEP is an approach to knowledge mobilisation not a method or intervention. It is as much about ways of being as it is about ways of doing and was developed through a participatory action research project funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Health and Care Research Wales from 2014 to 2016 (Andrews, et al 2015). It has been applied across a range of local authorities, social care and community organisations in Wales and Scotland.

DEEP has five key elements. A summary of the approach and its application is outlined in an article in the journal Evidence and Policy (Andrews et al 2020). The initial action research project and ongoing development work under the auspice of the Wales School for Social Care Research, have demonstrated that all five elements need to be explored and addressed for knowledge mobilisation to be effective and sustainable. This requires attention to organisational culture and embedded systems as well as the gathering, presentation and use of diverse evidence.