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16th Mar 2021

Evidence, Research, Innovation: Digital technologies supporting care and support at home


Digital technologies are now a normal part of life for many people and there is a growing policy impetus to harness digital technologies to support people who need care and support at home and in their community. These could be older people, people with learning disabilities or people living with dementia.  These could also be technologies that are used by younger people.

This event is an opportunity to hear about existing evidence, current research and innovations in digital technologies to support people at home. There will be the chance to discuss and reflect with commissioners, practitioners and researchers who have an interest in this topic. We will signpost how these discussions can continue after the event.

For further information about the event, please contact Gill Toms (g.toms@bangor.ac.uk).

To book your place on this free event please visit


This event is supported by the Wales Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (http://www.cadr.cymru/en/), The North Wales Research, Innovation and Improvement Coordination Hub (https://www.northwalescollaborative.wales/research-innovation-and-improvement-coordination-hub/) and Developing Evidence Enriched Practice and M-Sparc(http://www.m-sparc.com/).

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