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19th Mar 2019

ExChange: Identifying and Responding to Child Neglect in Schools


Identifying and Responding to Child Neglect in Schools

Child neglect is the most common reason for taking child protection action in Wales. Neglect is considered the most complex form of maltreatment, this makes providing the appropriate type and level of support to a child, a significant challenge for practice. Staff within schools hold particular advantage in recognising neglect in its early stages. School staff possess long-standing relationships with children and are able to observe a child’s interactions with their parent or carer(s), and their peers, five days a week, over an extended period of time and in a range of settings.

This workshop will identify challenges which exist for schools when recognising and responding to child neglect. It will present key findings from a recent Health and Care Research Wales (Welsh Government) funded study which investigated how schools responded to the issue in their daily roles. The workshop will make recommendations for practice and future policy in schools, inter-professional working with statutory services, and provide opportunity for discussion on the implications for school-based service provision.

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