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Welcome to the Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP) website.


DEEP is a programme funded by Health and Care Research Wales, Welsh Government, to support the extension of the DEEP approach to knowledge mobilisation. DEEP is a highly relational approach that uses narrative and dialogue-based methods to explore and use diverse types of knowledge (collectively termed as evidence) in social care service and workforce development. Since its launch in 2015, DEEP has been well received and supported by a wide range of social care, health, academic and community organisations – local, regional and national.

Central to this work is assisting local authorities and other organisations to develop an 'enriched environment of care and learning' through supporting the emotional wellbeing of practitioners and the people they work with, and collective approaches to learning 'on the job' using storytelling and dialogue-learning techniques. These techniques nurture relationship-building and learning and development that is evidence-enriched and led by the people involved and not imposed on them.


What is on this website?

On this website you can access information about the DEEP principles and approach, projects, the methods and tools used in DEEP and upcoming events.

This website also hosts the Welsh Government’s Performance and Improvement Framework for Social Services Using Evidence Resources Guide. This work was funded by the Well-Being & Improvement Branch to support social services in their work to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice relating to the performance and improvement of social services in Wales, which came into effect in April 2020.


25 February 2021

Public Engagement

DEEP as a part of the Wales School for Social Care Research between 2016-2020 was selected as a test...

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23 August 2019

National Social Services Conference Social Care R...

Social Care Research - Poster Competition ' I wish I had thought of that'

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24 July 2019

In-practice Visiting Researcher - BASW

An exciting opportunity to support a social work practitioner in their academic development.

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16 March 2021

Evidence, Research, Innovation: Digital technologi...

Digital technologies are now a normal part of life for many people and there is a growing policy imp...

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17 November 2020

Compassionate Cymru

Compassionate Cymru is keen to establish a North Wales presence and has a new Community Link Worker ...

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08 July 2020

IMPACT: Learning from the ups and downs of co-prod...

In the evaluation of co-production it is vitally important to learn from the direct experiences of p...

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