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Putting DEEP into practice

Putting DEEP into practice



Whilst the call for everyone to use evidence in policy and practice has been around a long time, making it happen can be challenging. Using the DEEP approach makes this easier. One way to understand the DEEP approach is to use a gardening metaphor.


Using evidence to make the world a better place can be compared to creating a beautiful garden, which takes more than just scattering a few packets of seed on the ground and hoping for the best. It requires attention to three things:


We are currently working with Social Care Wales to develop a DEEP curriculum and associated training. Following the 3-stage gardening metaphor, the curriculum is divided into three modules, details of which can be found using the following links:

How to create the right organisational conditions for using evidence (Preparing the ground).

How to gather, appraise and present different kinds of evidence (Gathering and preparing the seeds for sowing).

How to use evidence in learning and development (Sowing the seeds and cultivating the plants).

How DEEP do you want to go?

Some people may want to learn about all aspects of the DEEP approach. Others may want to dip into particular DEEP methods. To support this, we have developed a simple flow-chart to help guide you, which can be found here.

If you want to champion the DEEP approach in your work or organisation, you may want to consider becoming a DEEP Catalyst, details of which can be found here.