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Research and Publications


  • Image: A beautiful garden seminar series resources

    A beautiful garden seminar series resources

    Resources from: A beautiful garden: a caring approach to using evidence in learning and development in dementia care homes – workshop series autumn 2021

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  • Image: Capacity Building - Grant Scheme

    Capacity Building - Grant Scheme

    The Social Care Research Capacity Grant Scheme is an initiative to fund research projects for social care practice in Wales, with the overall aim to increase social care research activity and research mindedness in ways that build on what is already happening.

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  • Image: Community of Enquiry

    Community of Enquiry

    The School through the DEEP project has been experimenting with a particular approach to learning called Community of Enquiry. This approach uses research evidence as a stimulus for dialogue-based learning and deliberation. A 2-day Community of Enquiry training course will be run in the autumn of 2017 and possibly repeated in early 2018.

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  • Image: Dialogue Based Learning and Development

    Dialogue Based Learning and Development

    Building on the success of the JRF and Health and Care Research Wales joint funded DEEP project which ended in 2016, we have been building relationships with practitioners, service users and researchers through events and conversations

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  • Image: How to collect evidence of change outcomes

    How to collect evidence of change outcomes

    One of the most common ways of gathering evidence of change is the write case studies.However, case studies are often long-winded and not always easy to analyse. Most Signifianct Change (MSC) provides a framework for story gathering that is more concise as well as being very personal. Whilst case studies are often written about people, MSC stories are written by people.

  • Image: Magic moments

    Magic moments

    The idea of developing a series of ‘Magic Moments’ booklets, in different areas of Social Care, came out of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and the Health and Care Research Wales funded Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice (DEEP) project; now part of the Wales School for Social Care Research.

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  • Enrich Newsletter Issue 1

    Stephanie Watts | 24/04/2019

  • Enrich Rhifyn 1 Cylchlythyr

    Stephanie Watts | 24/04/2019

  • Wise Heads and Kind Hearts: Can a values-led, participative approach improve care homes in Wales?

    Dr Dani Hilliard | 03/12/2018

  • The Potential of Social Enterprise for Social Care: Literature Review

    Heather Tyrell | 01/09/2018

  • Tents around a campfire: evidencing transformation

    Co-Production Network for Wales | 01/05/2018

  • JRF Report in Full -Developing Evidence-enriched Practice in Health and Social Care With Older People

    Nick Andrews, John Gabbay, Andreé le May, Emma Miller, Martin O’Neill and Alison Petch